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Multi Shape
  • Multi Shape mini

    RF + Suction

  • Red light function
  • Easy-to-use technical motions
  • 4 types of vacuum pulse
  • Specialized dynamic vibration function
  • Powerful multi-polar RF technology


  • Integrated Technology

  • Multi Shape Mini can maximize the treatment effects to the body and face as multi-polar radio frequency, vacuum suction, and LED technologies are integrated in a single system.
  • Optimized for professional body slimming & facial care

  • Multi shape mini allows users to easily perform professional body slimming and facial lifting treatments. Users can expect dramatic treatment results.

The Latest RF, Vacuum for Skin Renewal & Body sculpting

  • Advanced 1MHz RF technology assisted with light therapy
  • Dynamic & strong massage effect by special pneumatic suction system
  • Effective target treatment for face lifting by ergonomic applicator
  • Specialized bipolar applicator for eye treatment
[No Pain / No Side Effect / No-Discomfort / Non-Surgical]

Updated Multi-Polar Radio Frequency Technology

  • Updated stable multi-polar radio frequency technology has been adopted.
  • Radio frequency of 1MHz brings safe and effective treatment results.
  • Multipolar radio frequency effectively delivers thermal energy into dermal and fatty layer and brings a certain treatment result.
  • It is designed to adjust radio frequency energy from level 1 to 5.


Multi Shape