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  • Lipo-Slim

    Ultrasonic cavitation
    Fat Reduction & Cellulite Treatment

  • Non Invasive lipoplasty without anesthesia

  • Comfort, no Pain, no Scar

  • Quick treatment with long lasting effect

Cavitation is caused by ultrasounds that generate micro-cavities (bubbles) which grow up until implosion.
Through the continuing implosion, the bubbles emit pressure wave in the liquids, which stimulates the activity between the adipocytes and the intercellular liquids, disintegrates the fat cell membrane.
Stimulating continuously with strong cavitation pressure wave leads to disruption of the emulsion and triglyceride contents in adipocytes.
The released fatty acids are cleared away through endogenous processes.
Ultrasonic waves in a specific range from 30 to 70 KHz are able to cause the cavitation effect.
Liposlim safely eliminates localized fat with the cavitation caused by ultrasonic wave length of 37 & 21 KHz. The automated menu options with pre-set pulsed waves are best suited to treat various body parts.

Thermal effect

  • Blood Circulation
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Metabolism

    Chemical Effect

  • Chemical Reactionn
  • Collagen Regeneration
  • Skin p.h. Balancing
  • ATP Activites

    Mechanical Effect

  • Massaging Effect
  • Fibroblast Activities
  • Elasticity of Skin Texture
  • Softens Connective Tissue


  • Non invasive application without anesthesia
  • Effectiveness with complete safety, with no pain
  • 15~20 minute treatment time with long lasting effect
  • Suitable to treat targeted area with 2 handpieces
  • Easy treatment by automated pulse options
  • Versatile application and mobility by portable design
  • Combined with LED, effective for rejuvenation
  • Ergonomically designed handpieces
  • Easy grip and smooth operation
  • Colorful digital touch screen
  • Intuitive interface for easy operation
  • Preset Output Level
  • Automated Preset Pulse
  • Optimal treatment by Shot (Focusing) and Continuous (Rubbing) Mode
Lipo Slim