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Vita Plus (Home intra-cell)
  • Vita Plus

    Personal low frequency


  • Acne restraint
  • Collagen formation maintenance
  • Anti-stress action
  • Active oxygen restraint
  • Melanin formation restraint
  • Anti-fatigue action

About the Unit and Parts

Main body :Adjust the output and power ON/OFF
Hand-piece :Device injecting vitamin C
POWER LEVEL :It is level bar that shows the output intensity, intensity should be adjusted to the skin
characters in which are usually used by intensity 0.3-0.5.
LOCK button :Fix the output after adjusting moderate output
OUT button :Button to perform an operation of cleansing on the skin
OUT PUT :the connection where the main body and connector are hooked up to

How to use

  • Hook up the Power line of main body to the plug 220V
  • Hook up the main body connector to the main body output.
    Grab an earth bar on the left hand while an earth bar is wrapped by a wet sponge or gauze.
  • Put the distilled water on the gauze
  • After being operated by on /off button, you can push the "Out" switch (approximately 5-10minutes ) which is operating through deep cleansing action to eliminate the residual of cosmetic in the pores or sebum, and it expands the interval of skin tissue cell
  • After finishing the stage above, you should eliminate the cosmetic cotton or gauze and moisten the pure gauze or cosmetic cotton with Vitamin C aqueous solution
  • Inject the Vitamin C while pushing the "In" switch, operation time would be approximately 5-10 minutes
  • Big round right connector has to be connected to the round hand piece

Vita Plus (Home intra-cell)


Item name : Personal Low Frequency Equipment
Product name : Vita-Plus
Weight : Approximately 720g
Safety form about electricity impact and the degree of safety :
Second Class Equipment/BF Type Equipment
Rated Voltage: AC 220V
Rated Frequency: 60HZ
Consumption Power: 5W