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Co2 Gel Face Mask

What is carboxy CO2 gel mask pack?

CO2 Gel was originally used for the treatment of wounds, but it was found that the gel has the effect to reduce the subcutaneous fat later, so that it can be applied to the use of shrinking the facial area. It is now being used for the skin care and the control of facial outline.
Carboxy CO2 Gel Mask pack is developed for the skin care of a facial area using this phenomenon, and it is simple and easy to use. You can enjoy the effect of the CO2 therapy conveniently at home without any pain of needles ordinarily being done at doctors’ offices.

The principle of carboxy CO2 gel mask pack

Carboxy CO2 Gel Mask pack consists of the gel and a mask, and it generates CO2 gas when the two make contact with each other. It is an efficient system of transferring CO2 into facial skin. Once absorbed into the skin, CO2 is known to induce Oxygen (O2) from the blood cells to skin tissues that causes vasodilatation, activates protein synthesis, promotes fat metabolism and discharge waste from the body.

Physiological activities of CO2 absorbed into the skin:

1. Topical vasodilatation near skin:

Improves blood circulation and therefore enhances skin metabolism to make healthy skin

2. Anti-inflammation:

Oxygen from hemoglobin gives anti-inflammation effect and improves discharge of waste

3. Enhancement of blood circulation:

Blood flows through capillaries on skin are improved by the enhanced circulation

Bohr effect

Bohr effect is known that the O2 concentration grows with the CO2 concentration so that O2 is induced to increase by the increase of CO2, resulting in more blood circulation and therefore improves regeneration of skin and reduces skin troubles.

The process of carboxy CO2 gel effect

Effect of carboxy CO2 gel

CO2 Gel mask pack benefits skin from various skin troubles simultaneously


CO2 gives lightening effect by enhancing blood circulation and vasodilatation of skin

Elastic skin:

It can be done by activating the protein synthesis

Relieving skin troubles:

Enhanced circulation relieves many kinds of skin troubles such as pimples and freckles

Shaping up facial outline:

Skin absorbed CO2 causes the dense phospholipid layer, which is the major element of skin, such that it helps shaping up of facial outline


Ingredients of CO2 Gel Mask pack moisturizes and balances the moisture and oil of skin

Improving stretch marks:

Due to enhanced blood circulation, metabolism and protein synthesis, CO2 Gel Mask helps improving stretch marks and irregular surface of skin

How to use


  • Gel should be used with full amount of a container so that the thicker layer of gel can generate enough CO2 gas with the mask.
  • Make sure that the mask is in close contact with the skin, and keep it that way while CO2 is generated by tapping with fingers or hands.
  • While CO2 is generated on skin, it sometimes feels a little sore or the skin gets reddish. But, it is an ordinary reaction
  • when blood circulation is enhanced, and soon it will be recovered in a few minutes after taking off the mask.
  • Keep the product in a cool condition or refrigerated for the best result.

CO2 gel face mask _ FAQ

Q: I get tingling sensation when I use CO2 mask pack.

A: No worries. Such tingling sensation is just a normal reaction by the skin caused by displacement reaction of CO2 and oxygen.
The sensitivity level is

Q: I got reddening in the skin after using CO2 mask pack.

A: The reddening is a normal reaction caused by boosted blood circulation. For average user, the skin recovers normal tone 30 minutes after cleansing the face with slightly warm water

Q: What is the recommended amount of CO2 gel to use at a time?

A: Apply entire content in the syringe for one-time use. The thicker the CO2 layer, the better the better the result of CO2 penetration rate.

Q: Will it increase the effect of CO2 mask pack if it is pressurized constantly?

A: CO2 reaction is maximized when the mask is evenly and tightly attached to the skin. The CO2 reaction will be reactivated when you gently press down the mask after primary CO2 reaction is gone.

Q: Storage condition?

A: Store at room temperature (15C ~25C), keep away from sunlight.
When cold-stored, much greater skin soothing and cooling effect is expected.
Co2 Gel Face Mask

Contents in a product package

  • 1 set of CO2 Gel Mask pack has 5 masks with 5 gel containers
  • Sealed pack of 5 mask sheets
  • 5 container syringes of each 25ml gel
  • ※ No needle is needed

Contents in a product package

CO2 Gel 500ml
Mask sheet X 20ea