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Dermastep Cica Cream
  • DERMASTEP (20ml)

DERMASTEP is a cosmeceutical Skin repair cream for a fast recovery of skin regeneration and skin soothing after plastic surgery procedures.

DERMASTEP application

After plastic surgery procedure such as thread lifting / laser / semi-permanent make up / MTS / Stamp and so on.




• Regeneration

• Maintain smooth and rough for a sensitive skin

• Inhibiting scar & heal stretch marks

• For a rapid recovery with fast-absorption



DERMASTEP Ingredient and Efficacy

1. Peptide (4types):

protect dermis, promote cells production, and tissue healing

2. Allantoin:

skin cell regeneration and reconstruct undamaged granulation tissue

3. E·G·F(Epidermal Growth Factor):

effect of wound healing and skin regeneration

4. Centella asiatica:

effect of Wound healing, skin soothing and easing effect

5. Onion Extract:

effect of anti-inflammatory, a powerful antioxidant, Anti-bacterial / anti-pigmentation effect


Regeneration Cream DERMASTEP(20ml)