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Lipozen is a medical product containing Essential Phospholipids Substance(Phosphatidyolcholine).

What is PPC

PPC therapy is a non-surgical way to reduce fat by injecting PPC directly to the fat layer.
PPC is composed of Phosphatidylcholine, deoxycholate and benzyl alcohol, which work to decompose fat cells, and destroyed fat cells are discharged through lymphatic circulation.

Why Lipozen:

1. Lipozen is produced under GMP facility:

Lipozen is manufactured with strict guidelines of KFDA to ensure quality and safety            

2. Registered on Pharmacopoeia:

Officialy registered as a pharmaceutical substance            

3. High Purified PPC:

With high level of quality control, only the highly purified substances can be used for a pharmaceutical product

How it works?

Treatment Areas           

[Body & Arm]
Abdomen, love handle, arm+armpit, back, thigh, knee
• arm: 1 set, 0.5cc/point, 20 points
• abdomen: 4 set, 0.5cc/point, 80 points
• thigh: 2 set, 0.5cc/point, 40 points
*1-1.5cm interval, 0.8~1.2cm depth, 0.5cc/point

double chin, cheeks, handlebar folds, jaw line
: 1-2 set, 0.2-0.25cc/point, 40-50 points, 1.0cm interval, 0.5cm depth

MIX (1 set):
PPC: PPC 1amp(5ml) + N/S 4cc + lidocaine 1cc = 10cc
PLD: PPC 1amp(5ml) + N/S 4cc + lidocaine 1cc + Liporase 1vial = 10cc​

What is PLD?


LIPOZEN Information

  • 1ml contains 50mg (3-sn- PolyenPhosphatidylCholine 46.5mg)
  • Appearance : Brown transparent liquid
  • Storage : keep sealed, in a shaded area with a temperature of -2 to -8 degrees Celsius
  • 5mL * 10 amps/each