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[PCL Specification]

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PCL, polycaprolactone, is one of the safest material for bioresorbable medical devices and has been used for various bioresorbable medical devices such as sutures and medical implants with CE and FDA approval for several decades.

Advantge of PCL

  • Less pain and discomfort : CL is very flexible and highly elastic, 
    thus it causes less pain and discomfort compared to PDO and PLLA.

  • Neocollagenesis : PCL microspheres induces neocollagenesis, 
    stimulating Type I and III collagen.

  • Safe : PCL is completely biodegradable, decomposed into CO2 and 
    H2O. Its safety is proven through various CE and FDA-approved 
    bioresorbable medical devices and studies over several decades.

  • Longer duration : Biodegradation occurs after 16 to 24months of 
    insertion to the body, which is much later than that of 
    PDO(6~8months) and PLLA(14~18months)

Mechanism of PCL

1. When foreign material such as PCL is injected to the tissue, normal healing starts within 2 hours of injection as part of the body’s normal healing process as an initial inflammatory phase. 

2. PCL microspheres stimulate fibro blasts to produce new collagen: To eliminate foreign material, the microparticles will become encapsulated by fibroblasts, producing collagen capsules around the particles.

3. Over time PCL microspheres are bioresorbed, completely decomposed into CO2 
and H2o and removed from the body.  However, collagen formed around 
PCL microspheres continue to give volumizing effect 
after PCL microspheres are biodegraded.

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